The Global Cafe ID Tournament 2014 has now concluded on the beautiful island of Jeju. Sakura flowers fluttered in the gentle breeze as the famous Jeju back pigs basked in the rays of the Raisin Bran sun. Unbeknownst to them were the 100 odd ladies and gentlemen who had gathered in the ball room of the Hyatt Regency to determine who would leave the island alive.

Enjoying visa free exemptions for the surrounding countries, many participants flew in from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan, peppered with France, Morrocco, Mexico, Malaysia, Australia and American challengers.

The pot prizes were an astounding $5000 USD for UMVC3 and Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition 2012. IGT 2014, along with the help of Capcom and their wonderful team, announced its inclusion in the Capcom Pro Tour point system as a seeding event.

As many people expected, UMVC3 was a thrilling battle of the entire Eastern world versus Mr. Marvelous himself, Justin Wong. In the first day, he was able to defeat long time fighting game veteran BE | Nemo in an enthralling FT15 set. The latter had to catch a flight early on finals day so the exhibition match occurred before the finals on Sunday. This gave Nemo enough chance to regroup with his analytical team members to concoct a plan to defeat EG Jwonggg’s superb play making a day before. While Justin cemented his reputation as an automatic selection into Mt. FGC Hokage of the Konoha village, ultimately it was Nemo that would walk away with the lion’s share of the pot prize.

SSF4 AE at IGT 2014 was the most stacked tournament in recent history in terms of player density. The collective groans of all players could be heard as the pools were revealed. Celebrities tried to use their “top player privilege” and switch the brackets, only to realize that each of the 4 pools was equally deadly and everyone decided to leave everything as is. The difficulty of the tournament was so overwhelming that home town favorite Infiltration did not make it out of his pool. Despite these hopeless circumstances, MCZ dynamic duo Tokido and Mago emerged in the winner’s final match after the latter dispatched friend and rival RZR Fuudo. It was not the first time that Mago had to fight against Tokido in previous tournaments, coming within pixels of securing that long deserved championship. IGT 2014 was Mago’s opportunity to rip the proverbial monkey off his back and win against his brother in a thrilling set which came down to the final round.

Ever the brilliant mind, MCZ Tokido was not moored in ceding the AE championship to his counterpart Mago. Instead, the two combined Voltron forces to overcome an improbable army of domestic KOF talent in CaféID, and top international talent funded from pocket lint and kickstarters. Taiwan’s ET put up a valiant effort against Tokido. Eventually, ET’s hopes were dashed with Koukou joined forces with his protégé student Tokido and ensured a triple crown for the Japanese nationals.

Congratulations to Mad Catz Tokido and Mad Catz Mago for their respective grand place finals. We look forward to another Global ID Café tournament in the future with the help of our fantastic sponsors.


Picture courtesy of tokidoblog