Update: Cross Counter Asia filed this report:

When the smoke on the battlefield had cleared, four teams remained. Team South East Asia, pieced together from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore, united under the common love for rice, was unable to finish “in the money” after a bitter defeat from Team Korea. WW.MCZ INFILTRATION in particular has been a troublesome player for both DM.MCZ Xian and AVM GamerBee, defeating both in Capcom’s 25th Anniversary Asia Finals, and once again in Canada. Recently, INFILTRATION and his brother-in-arms WW.MCZ LAUGH have both been seen making use of their smartphone before matches, though not to update Facebook and Twitter as many have suspected, but rather to review character-specific combos and opponents’ tendencies. Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition ver. 2012‘s roster of 39 characters (combined with over 35 international players in attendance for Canada Cup) has forced players to gain the tactical advantage by compiling data. We expect to see further integration of Android and iPhone devices at tournaments, and new rules regulating their use.

Team USA 2, composed of Evil Geniuses’ Ricky Ortiz and PR Balrog, Level Up’s Alex Valle, Complexity Gaming’s Filipino Champ, and AGE Vangief, held the collective hopes of North America as both Canadian teams and USA 1 exited the tournament early. Despite an impressive roster of old-school veterans and young talents, they were unable to slay INFILTRATION as Team Korea marched into the finals to take on Team Japan.

Team Japan harnessed the power of Topanga TV, with all five cast members joining forces to create the super Voltron team. Their path to victory was so assured that no opponent even caught a glimpse of RZR Fuudo as he waited in the wings the entire duration of the team tournament. MCZ Mago, debuting his secret character Adon OCV’d (one character victory) Team Canada 1. Similarly, Kazunoko’s Yun single-handedly vanquished Team USA 1, proving that you can nerf the character, but you can never nerf the player. Bonchan took out three members of USA 2 and OCV’d Team Korea with his perfect Sagat play. Team captain MCZ Tokido’s player selection was impeccable, as team Japan hoisted the trophy and the Godzilla theme rang loudly throughout the auditorium. For two years in a row, a team from Japan has won the prestigious Canada Cup Team tournament. Can any country topple them?

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While many of the world warriors are returning to their homes battered and bruised (spiritually, anyway), Bonchan, Kazunoko, Fuudo, Mago, and team captain Tokido are leaving Calgary, Alberta, Canada, with their heads held high, because Team Japan was victorious at Canada Cup 2012!

There was no shortage of fantastic one-on-one battles that took place over the course of the weekend, but the real main event of Canada Cup 2012 was the international 5v5 Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition ver. 2012  team play. Eight teams from around the globe converged on Calgary with one goal in mind: world domination! It’s a familiar theme in fighting games, but its uniqueness in the fighting-game community makes Canada Cup one of the most interesting (and highly anticipated) events of the year!

Congratulations go out to not just Team Japan, but the solo tournament winners (Xian, INFILTRATION, GamerBee, PR Balrog, Shujinkydink, and Tokido) as well. Check out the gallery from the final day of Canada Cup 2012, along with full results courtesy of Shoryuken, below.

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Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition ver. 2012 5v5 Teams

1. Team Japan

  • Tokido (C)
  • Mago
  • Bonchan
  • Kazunoko
  • RZR Fuudo

2. Team Korea

  • LAUGH (C)
  • Naraks
  • Street11
  • Kim Legend

3. Team USA 2

  • EG Ricky Ortiz (C)
  • EG PR Balrog
  • LU Alex Valle
  • AGE Vangief
  • coL Filipino Champ

4. Team Southeast Asia

  • AVM GamerBee (C)
  • DM.MCZ Xian
  • DM.MCZ Kaiser
  • DM.MCZ Zhi
  • HumanBomb

5. Team USA 1

  • EG Justin Wong (C)
  • Mike Ross
  • Kim1234
  • FNEX KBrad
  • AGE FlashMetroid


Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition ver. 2012

1. DM.MCZ Xian
2. MCZ Mago
3. RZR Fuudo
4. Kazunoko
5. EG Ricky Ortiz

Street Fighter X Tekken

2. EG Justin Wong
3. AVM GamerBee
4. EG Ricky Ortiz
5. EG PR Balrog
5. EG fL0E

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

1. EG PR Balrog
2. EG Justin Wong
3. MCZ Tokido
4. UVG Noel Brown
5. Joker
5. Bee

King of Fighters XIII

1. DM.MCZ Xian
2. MCZ Tokido
3. MCZ Mago
4. WDM.MCZ Cuongster
5. CCG Air
5. EG Justin Wong


1. AVM GamerBee
2. EG fL0E
3. EG Ricky Ortiz
4. MCZ Tokido
5. WDM.MCZ Cuongster
5. EG Justin Wong

Persona 4 Arena

1. MCZ Tokido
2. Kazunoko
3. LU Alex Valle
4. DM.MCZ Xian
5. BMeister
5. Casanova

Dead or Alive 5

1. MCZ Tokido
2. AVM GamerBee
3. RZR Fuudo
4. EG Justin Wong

Dead or Alive 5

1. STB Shujinkydink
2. EG Justin Wong
3. Hollywood T-Smoke
4. Merlando