Designed to adapt to the competitive gamer’s individual preferences, Major League Gaming and Mad Catz teamed up to engineer a high-end gaming controller which can be used both at home and on the road as tournament-legal equipment.

Keep reading to learn all about how the MLG Pro Circuit Controller can be customized just the way you like it!

Total Transformation

Swap out Analog Sticks and custom D-Pads in any order you like. You never have to replace a whole controller again. Add to that a wild assortment of unique Analog Cap textures, Color FacePlates and Cables, and your fingers just said, “Yes!”

FacePlate Colors

With 11 colors to choose from, in both gloss and matte textures, the custom FacePlate combinations for your controller are next to endless.

ProCable Rainbow

10 colors and two braided cable lengths grant you a multitude of options to securely connect your Pro Circuit Controller to your main console. There’s the longer ProCable (3M) for the living room and the shorter ProCable (1.5M) for competing in events where you need to be close to the action.

Analog Cap Attack

Five pairs of uniquely designed Analog Caps, across 11 colors, are built for you to easily change your style on-the-fly. Let your thumbs do the stalking as you stay on target.

Find all these great accessories, specially priced value bundles, and more for your Mad Catz MLG Pro Circuit Controller right now at the Mad Catz store!