Daigo “The Beast” Umehara’s new manga, To Live is to Game, begins selling today in bookstores across Japan. Yesterday he went on Topanga TV to promote both the comic and his new t-shirt. The manga will focus primarily on his middle school years leading up to the time he won the Japanese National Tournament. The main game during this period was Street Fighter II when many interesting players would congregate at the arcade. Daigo Umehara: To Live is to GameFor example, there was once a man who was very strong and always brought along his son to the arcade (Lone Wolf and Cub style). Because of the decline in arcades these days, very rarely do we come across such notable characters. Daigo is fearful that all these arcade memories are slowly fading into oblivion and it is his responsibility to record them as an FGC historian.

Though he first gained spotlight after he won the national tournament, he obviously did not become strong overnight. Back then Daigo was not known as “The Beast,” but rather just a very strong brat in the Akihabara arcade. He wants to introduce all the important characters that have shaped him along the way to his first major victory during his teenage years. If all goes well, there are plans for a second series.

Kenryo “Mago2D God” Hayashi, an avid manga and anime fan, joked that he will give a review. Everyone was imagining a giant stack of Daigo comics on opening day with many core and hidden fans clamoring for their own copy. Some of the remote regions may not receive the book on the same day, so he recommends purchasing the comic on Amazon.jp.

Daigo Umehara God Hand Right T-ShirtDaigo of course only owns two shirts in his wardrobe, and when he’s not rocking the Mad Catz Game Hard Wear line, he is usually seen sporting his new t-shirt with a silhouette of his God Right Hand. Mago remarked that he must be a Titan from Shingeki no Kyojin because the hand was abnormally large.

As a child the 2D God used to write his name on his clothing so that it would not get lost and noticed that Daigo’s name was also printed on his shirt. Daigo admitted that it was a bit embarrassing to wear his own shirt, but it was very fashionable so he would not mind wearing it on the busy Yamanote train line

When pressed about his Mad Catz Unveiled first to ten match against Infiltration, Daigo said he did not want to reveal much as there were probably many Koreans viewers on Twitch.TV that understood Japanese. But he did promise that he would show something “never before seen” and that his headline match would be at the end of the lineup to save the best for last.

Bonchan, who is close to Daigo, telepathically understood Daigo’s playful attitude to mean that something magical is going to happen at Mad Catz Unveiled. In regards to Daigo’s runaway victory over reigning EVO World Champion Desperation Move's Xian, everyone was quite surprised at the final score. Bonchan watched the replay twice in a row to study the secret of defeating Gen. You can be sure that Kazunoko is also going to Daigo cram school in preparation for his match with Xian at Tokyo Game Show.

Mad Catz Unveiled at Tokyo Game Show 2013! Featuring Street Fighter World Champions Daigo Umehara, INFILTRATION, Xian, and more!While Bonchan and Mago have utmost confidence in their respective mirror matches against Ryan Hart and Fuudo, Daigo does not think it will be so simple. Bonchan called out the final score as 5-2, while Daigo believes the Prodigal Son will notch at least 3. Everyone on the Topanga show agreed that the least hype match would be Tokido versus Justin Wong because of their past fight history in AE, though Justin was able to secure an impressive win at Canada Cup’s April Duels this past year.

After everyone gave their predictions for all the Unveiled Exhibition matches, Daigo then whispered in a soft voice, “Gouki… is a weak character!” much to the incredulity of the remaining cast members. Was he being bitterly sarcastic? Has the Beast gone off the deep end? Regardless, Daigo says there is uncharted territory and an unopened door in the Ryu/Gouki matchup that no one has dared to open thus far.

Fittingly for the event’s name, he claims that the “truth” will be unveiled at, errr… Mad Catz Unveiled. While playing against various online opponents Daigo noted that:

  • People that dash in usually let the stick go neutral a moment before
  • Ryu’s best matchup in the entire cast is against T. Hawk
  • Ryu’s standing light kick is very strong anti-air and can beat Sakura and Yun’s jump ins. In contrast, Gouki’s far standing light kick is not that great of an anti-air.

If you’re at TGS make sure you bring a pen so Daigo can sign your new copy of To Live is to Game, on sale now!