Just when we thought we had escaped the icy realms of Canada Cup, we were transported back into sub-zero temperatures in lovely Stockholm, Sweden. Like a prince in a shining bullet proof vest, YouTube superstar Tejbz descended from his Swebus of a horse to offer us a ride to Jönköping. The ride was nearly 5 hours long from Sweden’s capital to the capital of LAN gaming, but the comfortable seats, wifi connection, Pringles chips and F.R.E.Q 5 headsets provided on board ensured that we rode in style. Our fellow passengers were none other than the diehard fans of Tejbz and Sp4zie who won a seat on the bus through an essay contest on Facebook.

Energized by the Swedish meatballs drizzled in cranberry sauce we consumed along the way, we rushed into the DreamHack venue to watch the opening ceremony. Doctor Doom’s finger lasers were on full display with Swedish electronic music blaring throughout the concert hall. iPhones and Samsung Galaxies (don’t worry we’ll have protective cases coming out soon) were held high into the air to record the video footage. For a brief moment, players put down their S.T.R.I.K.E. keyboards and R.A.T mice to watch the 3 minute show that officially commenced the world’s largest LAN gaming festival and the end of personal hygiene and parent supervision.

After perambulating across the massive event hall to acquaint ourselves with the different areas, our weary feet led us to the AMD Sapphire booth where we caught Tejbz fragging his fans in a 5 on 5 exhibition for Battlefield 3 using the latest Mad Catz equipment. Many have lamented that eSports stars are hard to approach compared to their Fighting Game brethren, but Tejbz made himself readily available and that’s why his fan base sees perpetual growth. Despite his admirers swarming him and creating a massive “body heatwave” in their one piece pajamas, we were able to cool down by the liquid nitrogen fumes brewing from the overclocking booth. Come down to the AMD Sapphire booth at the exhibitor’s hall to test your sniping skills and you might find yourself sitting next to an FPS celebrity. As usual, check out www.madcatz.com for more live updates on DreamHack, a dream we never want to wake up from.

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