Navigating the labyrinth of DreamHack winter is a dangerous mission, and in order to slay the minotaur lurking in the middle of the maze, we summoned the help of Josephine to help up navigate the massive map. The sprawling venue is teeming full of 15,000 local and 5,000 out-of-town gamers, who on average are 16-17 year old adolescents attending a giant sleepover party with the world’s fastest Internet connection at their disposal. To stay alert during the grueling marathon, players stock up on Coca-Cola and energy drinks, then stack the cans in a precarious game of jenga to form a giant tower of caffeinated bragging rights. For comfort, we have seen fashion-forward Nordics lounging in uber-comfortable One Piece pajamas, featuring a double zip structure to allow for easy wash room access. We’ve captured a plethora of shots to give you a sampling of their designs. What would the ancestral vikings think of seeing these human bunny descendants? Surely Thor would be pleased.

We also met up with our Western Wolves brethren from the FPS division, unmistakable in their eSports jerseys with the giant claw mark. None of the tall and handsome members believed that sniping friends over Call of Duty and Counter-Strike would one day translate to pro sponsorship, and now they’re using the latest S.T.R.I.K.E keyboards, R.A.T mice and F.R.E.Q headsets selling briskly at the DreamStore. We are thankful that there is no Black Friday Walmart sales here in DreamHack lest we be trampled by children clamoring for the latest Mad Catz merchandise.

Over at the AMD Sapphire booth, Tejbz had another meet and greet fan session, fragging his MCZ Team ProPain proteges at Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 before signing a multitude of limbs, napkins and foreheads with a Sharpie. Tejbz handed out Mad Catz products to the three winners of the Swebus DX-Ball challenge before vanishing to fulfill his event hosting duties. From the humble beginnings on creating content on YouTube to speaking on the main stage of DreamHack, nothing can stop this fan.

Our parents’ generation had the colorful hippie era of peace, love, and good vibes. Why reminisce to a bygone era when we have our very own DreamHack with the same spirit of indulgence and celebration of a beautiful gaming life? keeps the positive energy flowing all weekend long.

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