Update 2: Our very own international man of mystery, Zhi, sat down with Killer Instinct developer Dave Verfaillie to talk about the challenges involved in resurrecting the KI  series, the game's business model, the input of the fighting game community in the game's development, and much more! Check out the interview below:

Update: On the second day of E3, we had the pleasure of welcoming Killer Instinct  creator Ken “klobb” Lobb to the Mad Catz stage to talk about the origin of the series, the challenges in reviving the series after such a lengthy layoff, and to go one-on-one in Killer Instinct  with some of the top professional gamers from around the world, including Mad Catz' own Ryan Hart and Kayane! Ken proved that he wasn't a hands-off producer, as his intimate KI  knowledge allowed him to body every single opponent, going undefeated against all six challengers! We will have video of Ken's discussion and domination on the Mad Catz YouTube channel soon, so be sure to subscribe!

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Original Story: At the Microsoft Xbox One press conference there were quite a few bombshells dropped, but the two most interesting items (to us, anyway) were the return of Killer Instinct  after 17 years, and the announcement that Mad Catz is producing the first FightStick of Xbox One, the highly anticipated Arcade FightStick TE2! So you can imagine how pleased we were that Microsoft Game Studios and Double Helix Games decided to show off their brand new version of Killer Instinct  (moving at 60 silky-smooth frames per second) at the Mad Catz Booth at E3, and live on Twitch stream at madcatz.tv!

Our very own Mark “MarkMan” Julio was joined up on stage by Double Helix Games design director Dave Verfaillie, producer Michael Willette, and community strategist Rich “Filthy Rich” Bantegui to not only demo the game, but to give insights into the creative process, and to talk about the importance of community feedback when it comes to reviving this fan-favorite franchise.

While the guys from Double Helix were talking about the game, members of the audience were invited up on stage to try their hand at a little KI! Even though this early build of the game features only Jago and Sabrewulf, we saw some diverse and memorable matchups, including Mad Catz' and Western Wolves' Ryan Hart facing off with the legendary Mike Ross, and a FGC YouTube throwdown between Gootecks and Maximilian!

We will have more action throughout E3, so check out madcatz.tv for a complete schedule of when to catch the return of Killer Instinct  for yourself!

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