The FIFA Interactive World Cup is one of the biggest tournaments around for FIFA13. It is designed to determine the absolute best virtual FIFA13  player, hosted by the FIFA itself and supported by both Electronic Arts as well as PlayStation 3. Players from all around the world have been given the chance to qualify themselves through six online seasons, after which the grand finals are to take place this week in Madrid.

Below is a nice preview of the qualified players so far. As usual, we have two professional players of our own already qualified for the event. The two qualified players are both part of the Western Wolves, and have quite an impressive resume when it comes to football games.

Let’s start off with Krasimir Ivanov, better known as “Krasi,” the current team captain of Western Wolves’ FIFA13  Division. He’s 22 years old, lives in Bulgaria, and managed to qualify himself for the FIWC13 Grand Final by finishing second in the third online season. A small bio can be found below:

“Hello there! I am Krasimir Ivanov, Western Wolves’ FIFA team captain. The best memories I have of my stay in the organization come from the tenth edition of the game (FIFA 10). The Wolves got the EMS title twice in a row and smashed every single opponent on their way to victory – we didn’t even lose a single match! Literally – we totally demolished everyone! The same year, I got a 2nd place finish on the European Samsung championship and won the European National Cup (ENC) with my national team, Bulgaria. It was definitely the greatest season of my career as a professional player, but I hope the best moments are still ahead of me!”

Last year, Krasi also managed to make the quarterfinal stage at the FIWC12 hosted in Dubai.


Up next is Ovidiu Patrascu, known in the gaming world as “Ovvy.” His qualification took place a few months ago, after finishing first in the fifth online season. His bio can be found below:

“Hello guys, I’m Ovidiu Patrascu and I’m from Romania. I have been playing FIFA since, well, as far as I can remember, but my first real achievement was at the World Cyber Games, where I took the silver medal in 2006. Since then I have been competing on a high level every day, and eventually took 2 silver medals at WCG again, as well as another 2 at IeSF 2009 and 2011. My goal is to finally claim the gold at either of those events, although I stood on top of the podium several times already, but these tourneys just keep haunting me. Hopefully this season I will see more success than ever, thanks to the unique support Mad Catz is offering me. It gives me motivation to keep improving daily, and with hard practice – sky’s the limit.”

He’s also the current FIFA13  Vice World Champion as well as the FIFA12  European Champion.

Apart from these two Western Wolves players, another six players have already qualified themselves as well. A brief rundown on their road to the finals can be found below.

Alfonso Ramos is a name every single professional FIFA13  player knows and fears. This 24-year-old lives in Spain and has been playing FIFA  ever since 1997. Better known as “Vamos Ramos,” he’ll be representing GIANTS! Gaming at the event. When asked what his biggest success in the FIWC has been so far, he replies, “Becoming the first FIWC double champion ever! I won the FIFA Interactive World Cup in 2008 and 2012.”

Bruce Grannec, better known as “The Machine,” managed to qualify himself by winning the France Territory Showdown. He’s 26 years old, and will be representing SK-Gaming at the event. When asked who his biggest competitor will be in the FIWC13, he replied, “Obviously Alfonso will be the man to beat. He’ll play in his country, in front of an audience that will be 100 percent supporting him… If I had to put my bets on an outsider, I would choose Ovidiu Patrascu.”

Edizon Quiroga Forero is a 33-year-old living in Columbia. He’s known as “Zizou” both on- and offline, and is probably one of the oldest competitors to play at the grand finals. He managed to qualify by winning the first online season of FIWC13. When asked who he fears the most at the grand finals, he replied, “Alfonso Ramos and Bruce Grannec.”  A man of few words, but definitely not to be underestimated!

Daniel Cordera is probably one of the youngest competitors present at the grand finals. He’s only 17 years old and lives in Spain. Despite his age, he managed to finish second at the first online season. He’s mostly fearing Alfonso Ramos and considers him his biggest opponent.

This 21-year-old is another competitor from Spain. He won the second online season, and thus qualified himself for the grand finals. One thing’s certain: this guy breathes football. He’s one of FC Barcelona’s official videogamers, and plays the sport in real life as well. Even though he’s still studying, many consider him one of the big upcoming talents in the FIFA series. He also considers Alfonso Ramos his biggest competitor.

This Columbian is also one of the younger competitors, as he is only 17 years old. He’s studying mechatronic engineering, and fell in love with the FIFA series back in 2006. He qualified for the grand finals thanks to his second place finish during the Online Season 2. When asked who his biggest competitor will be in FIWC13, he replied, “I hope that my friend Javier will qualify for the grand final. He is a very good player and he deserves it. I would like to play against some of the best English players. Guys like like Adam Winster and Ty Walton.”

Our fourth Spanish finalist goes under the name of MIROSLAV or Mr R2 L2 in-game. He will represent PainGaming at the FIWC13 Grand Finals after finishing first during the Online Season 3. Oscar managed to beat our own WW.MCZ Krasi, so we better keep our eyes on him in Madrid! When asked who his biggest competitor(s) are, he replied, “At the Grand Final I hope to see top players like Wicky from Bulgaria, Bryan or Geenens from Belgium, Ralfitita from Spain or Ovvy from Romania.”

And that’s it for the players qualified thus far. We here at would like to wish the best of luck to all participants, and will obviously keep all of our readers and fans up-to-date.