With Mad Catz’ F.R.E.Q.4D Stereo Gaming Headset recently arriving (much to the delight of gamers everywhere), Forbes.com‘s Jason Evangelho put the new headset through its paces, including an in-depth look at the unique ViviTouch feature!

When referring to the implementation of ViviTouch 4D technology, he says that: “Mad Catz has done an admirable job harnessing this new technology”

He likes the noise insulation the F.R.E.Q.4D provides, remarking: “These headphones have wonderful insulation and sound leakage is minimal. This means they’re ideal in a noisy environment to block out teammate chatter, or in a quiet environment to not disturb a roommate or significant other.”

Commenting on the bass, he says: “The emphasis on bass here is exceptional, if not borderline addictive. Rather than simply ratcheting up the bass frequencies, the ViviTouch actuators produce a tactile bass sensation, replicating the kind of massive sub-woofer you’d hear at a live concert.”

When testing out the limited edition TITANFALL F.R.E.Q.4D with the Respawn’s hot new shooter: Titanfall has a primary Titan weapon called the 40mm cannon. When you’re a pilot on the ground and hear a round fired off, it has an accurate directional impact that rattles your eardrum and tickles your cranium. That’s a literal explanation, not a figurative one. It doesn’t do this in a harmful way, because ViviTouch technology reproduces bass sensation without excessive air pressure which can be truly damaging. It is, hands down, the best bass I’ve heard in a video game and it applies to every title I’ve tried (Borderlands 2, Diablo III, Titanfall, GRID 2, and many others).”

In conclusion: “If you play a lot of shooters or racing games primarily on PC, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these”

If you’re interested in getting your hands on your own F.R.E.Q.4D Stereo Gaming Headset, head over to the Mad Catz Store to pick up your very own!

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