the ultimate multimedia surfer & gaming controller

The S.U.R.F.R is the ultimate enabler of our couch-bound quest for connected multi-media entertainment. Designed to do everything you need it to and nothing you don’t, the S.U.R.F.R will sync to Android-connected devices, Android TV and Android powered smart TVs, PCs, and more so you can dominate all your media whether you’re accessing it from your phone, a media computer or set-top Android box.

It’s got a full QWERTY keyboard, and mouse pointer input for easy web-surfing. We even added a smartphone clip for Android gaming on the move. Now you can game, control media, navigate the web and input text, all with one compact device.

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surf freely

Drop in on all your favorite sites. The S.U.R.F.R gives you on-screen cursor control and left- and right-click ability so that navigating the web from the living room is fast and easy.



available in 3 colors



Add some power to your mobile gaming with the S.U.R.F.Rs true gamepad controls: dual analog sticks, shoulder buttons, action buttons, and a responsive d-pad. Extendable grips pull down for leverage while you’re playing, then push back into the body when you’re done to keep the form factor small when you’re using other functions.

Many Android games are built for controller input – check out the list here.

surfr abxy

unique A B X Y and d-pad configuration

Action buttons and d-pad fit around the analog thumbsticks for quick activation in a small space.

control your media

Switch to media mode and control your content with built-in media buttons and Android back and home buttons.

text, search, type, tweet – you’re free!

Break free from the chains of remote-control and on-screen keyboard typing interfaces. S.U.R.F.R helps you navigate the web and onscreen menus. When you’ve found what you’re searching for, you can quickly type away with the device that’s already in your hands.


turn your smartphone into a gaming and media console.

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what is GameSmart?

Designed to work wirelessly and seamlessly with a wide array of Smart Devices, the GameSmart eco-system brings core gaming experiences to the mobile platform evolution, using Bluetooth, with a range of Control Pads, Keyboards, Mice and Headsets for gaming, productivity, and multimedia.

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