In the classic cult hit, Battle Royale, students are trapped on a remote island and forced to fight each other until the last sailor suit is standing. The sequel was a bit disappointing and left me hungry for more sensible hack and slash action. Finally, this weekend from March 29-30 on a special administrative region of Jeju Island off the coast of South Korea, the long wait for a proper “BR:II Requiem” will end.  Revel in keyboard warrior glory as the world’s finest fighters descend for a gory melee of epic proportions. The re-militarized zone will feature perennial stalwarts such as Mad Catz Tokido and Mago, EG Justin Wong, RZR Fuudo and Gackt, BE| Nemo, Bala, Frieda, Kazunoko, among others.

The King of Fighters prize pot is an astronomic figure, more than the hyper-inflated price Facebook paid for WhatsApp. Super Street Fighter 4 AE will feature a China versus Japan 5v5 exhibition while UMVC3 will highlight a clash of the giants between Jwonggg and Nemo.

Those curious about why the tournament location is in such a far-flung area must know that Jeju Island is completely visa free, allowing Chinese FGC all-stars such as QNBA Dakou and Xiaohai to join the fray. You can be sure the streamchat at will be full of strange hieroglyphic characters from the Orient cheering their favorite player on.


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