Mad Catz and Western Wolves professional StarCraft II gamer Daniel “StarNaN” Ohlsson has been spending time in the mYinsanity Gaming House, and gives us a look at a typical day in the life of a pro gamer.

A lot of people have been asking me what it’s like living in a StarCraft II gaming house. People ask about what kind of schedule we keep and if it’s working and helping me get better. Keeping a strict training regime is important and it helps to be on the same schedule as everyone else.

For me, I wake up around 11am and have breakfast, get myself cleaned up some and do some stretching. Then around 1 pm I start practice. This is also when I normally start streaming. You can find my stream on Twitch!

At 3:30pm I take a break for food and then get back to playing until 6pm. At 6pm many of us usually watch StarCraft II World Championship Series (WCS) together. If there’s good games, we take the time to analyze and discuss them. We talk about what was so good about the game, what plays can be improved on.

At 9:30pm-10pm we have dinner, after which we practice until 2am. I take an hour off to unwind and go to bed with a clear head so I’ll be well rested and ready to start another day fresh.

The main benefit from living in a gaming house is that I get a lot of motivation from seeing other people practice as well. Sitting in a room where everyone is working to improve and of like-minded spirit is great. It really helps you focus and there’s not many distractions around.

We also discuss strategies, analyze games and share different. For example during the seasonal finals we spent a lot of time talking about different aspects of the matches.

The main focus for me here is my Protoss vs. Zerg. I’m still struggling in this match-up. Part of good practice is having a clear goal in mind. You want to target your play at certain aspects you feel you can improve.

I can certainly feel improvement though. Now that I’m in the gaming house, I’ve been playing a lot more of the smaller online cups. I’ve been a lot more motivated to compete in them. Out of the last four I’ve won two, and finished 2nd in a third.

Good gaming gear is a very necessary part of the gaming lifestyle. I can’t stress the importance of good gear too much. A great keyboard or mouse doesn’t make you an amazing player. But if you are very skilled, you need good gear to show it off. Poor gear will lead to a skill cap. No matter how good you are, it won’t show in your play especially with keyboards and mice.

Headsets are also important, but there you should look for mostly comfort and sound blocking. You want a headset to be comfortable because you spend long hours gaming and even a slight irritation will really start to bother you. Sound blocking is important when you’re around many other players like me in the gaming house, or around other distracting noises.

I hope to have answered some of your questions. I’d like to thank our sponsors Mad Catz and Sapphire for giving me the opportunity to live in the gaming house, and their continued support.