Mad Catz has been a household name now for many years at fighting game tournaments. Our Tournament Edition Fightstick peripherals have earned us the honor of being the weapon of choice for many pro gamers at these events. Now that we’ve become more involved in PC eSports, and we wanted to use we’ve learned to deliver the first wave of peripherals that the Pro PC player would find as indispensable as our Fightstick.

In any competitive gaming scenario (online or at a LAN event), there are two major pillars on which a product should be built: speed and reliability. The movement of a mouse, the actuation of a key or button, all need to be fast, smooth and precise so that the peripheral becomes an invisible conduit between the gamer and the game. We chose the best components, tuned them for pro-gaming, and stripped these products back to a competition skeleton. This is the TE range of PC products from Mad Catz.




90 grams

At 90g the R.A.T.TE is the one the lightest we have ever produced. This savings in weight decreases the break out force needed for fast mouse swipes, improving your aiming accuracy and reducing fatigue.

Phillips Laser

We added one of the most precise laser sensors currently available for gamers. Our partners at Phillips gave us early access to their next-gen technology and worked with us to tune the laser for the best possible performance. With ultrafast tracking and laser resolution, your fastest twitch shot movement will register perfectly.

Adjustable Lift-Off Height

The R.A.T.TE software gives you a host of customization options as well, including ability to set the lift off height down to 0.2mm so you can tune your sensor response perfectly for every surface you play on.





Thumb Button Array

Engineered to deliver everything an MMO or MOBA player needs. We completely redesigned the M.M.O.TE‘s thumb button array to pack in 12 fully programmable buttons, placed for optimal actuation and comfort during use. With 8 more programmable buttons on the top section of the mouse, you’ll have lightning fast access to crucial spells, actions and items.

Tuned for Competition

We’ve stripped back the weight to 100 grams for increased control and precision, and used the same Phillips sensor as the R.A.T.TE giving you maximal tracking rates, extremely high resolution, and adjustable lift-off height down to 0.2mm.



Matte Black STRIKE TE

Mechanical Keys (Brown)

The keyboard is a revolution in precision backlit, mechanical design. For our first TE keyboard, we chose the Brown class of key because it provides performance with reduced actuation noise and gives you tactile feedback at the point of actuation (2mm) and reset (also 2mm). Tactile feedback at the actuation point lets you know when the keypress has been registered by the PC and the key doesn’t have to bottom out (at 4mm) to make an input. In eSport scenarios where speed and accuracy is everything, the ability to actuate a key a split second faster than your opponent can mean the difference between winning and losing.

Rated 50 Million Key Cycles

And they’re durable: each mechanical switch on the keyboard is rated at a minimum of 50 million key cycles, so even the fastest StarCraft 2 player, with up to 300 actuations per minute, can rely on the keyboard to keep up with their gameplay.

30-Key Rollover

The S.T.R.I.K.E.TE keyboard also has a 30-key rollover with full anti-ghosting across the whole key matrix, meaning that even the most complex in-game action on any part of the keyboard is guaranteed to register correctly.

As a global company, we are very excited to see these products in gamers hands all over the world, being used to notch up more kills and victories than ever before.