Check out Katie Linendoll’s segment on Mad Catz M.O.J.O. as part of her E3 2014 report on the Future of Gaming. Katie talks about how mobile gaming is coming to the livingroom, and how the M.O.J.O. micro-console for Android brings not only gaming, but also apps, movies and even 4K media to your livingroom entertainment system. Note: the M.O.J.O. on the display table there is playing Asphalt 8 (1080p upscaled to 4K) on a “pretty nice” Samsung 65″ curved 4K display and you can’t really tell from the video, but it looks AMAZING on there. For you-a deal! Buy your M.O.J.O. now at 20% off with promo code gobig20. Offer ends July 1, 2014. To learn more about the newest games, apps, and services on M.O.J.O., visit the M.O.J.O. Exploration Site.

Katie also talks about getting seasick while using the Oculus Rift and gives everyone a sneak peak at upcoming Skylanders Trap Team game. Click here for the full segment at Thanks to @KatieLinendoll and Daily Lounge for making it happen!