We are excited to announce that we’ll be at EVO 2014 as one of the main supporters of the event! Mad Catz is synonymous with competitive games, especially fighting games! As one of the leading supporters of the fighting game community, we are thrilled to discuss some of the things we have going on this year at EVOLUTION Championship Series 2014, taking place in Las Vegas, NV this weekend (July 11-13)!


Mad Catz is an official headset sponsor of EVO 2014! We are bringing our TRITTON Kunai headsets and equipping most of the gaming stations that will be used in the main tournament. You can also check out our TRITTON headsets at the Mad Catz booth as well!


Our Mad Catz booth is a huge 2100+ square foot area complete with stage events, a sales area, autograph sessions, gaming kiosks, an arcade area and more!

We are going to have some amazing, interactive events on the huge Mad Catz stage. We are teaming up with developers/publishers and the community to showcase fighting games at their best!

Check out our stage event schedule below, that will also be streamed on our twitch channel, twitch.tv/madcatz! We are teaming up with community streamer Bifuteki to bring you non-stop amazing content all weekend!

Mad_Catz_Booth_ScheduleMore stage events to be announced, keep checking back for updates! Aside from amazing stage events at the Mad Catz booth, our sales area is going to be insane! We are teaming up with Sanwa Denshi and YOUDEAL to bring some amazing new and exclusive stuff for the event! We’ll also have new Mad Catz gear including New Era 9FIFTYs, new Mad Catz Game Hardwear shirts and more!

Mad_Catz_Xtension_cab_1Our Mad Catz Arcade Area powered by Rec Room Masters will feature some of your favorite games and some unreleased titles! Check out the arcade area and try out…

  • Yatagarasu: Attack on Cataclysm – Nyu Media
  • Killer Instinct Season 2 – Microsoft Game Studios & Iron Galaxy Studios
  • Persona 4 Arena Ultimax – ATLUS
  • Super Comboman – Interabang Entertainment
  • …and a few more surprises!

You’ll also have a chance to play a ton of games on the wonderful Rec Room Masters Xtension sit-down arcade cabinets!

And finally! Mad Catz will do what we do best. We will be working closely with the community and have SRK Tech Talk’s finest (Gummowned, PhreakMods, Paradise Arcade Shop, vicko mods & duckie) involved at our booth for all your Tech Talk needs!


For those of you that can’t make it to EVO… sorry for ya! Just kidding. We have some awesome deals that will be going on during EVO weekend! Make sure you check them out at store.madcatz.com/evo! (NOTE: Link and promo won’t be live until Wed., July 9th, 2014!)

By using promo code ‘MCZ2014’ North American customers can take advantage of $50 OFF AND FREE ground shipping* on both our Mad Catz Arcade FightStick PRO (available for PlayStation 3 & pre-order on Xbox 360) and our Mad Catz Arcade FightStick KE – Korean Edition (available for PlayStation 3)!

EVO_FightStick_Promo_MCZEVO_Products_Free_Shipping EVO_TRITTON_KUNAI_adOur promotion runs from now until end of day Monday, July 14th (11:59 PM PST), so don’t miss out! This is a great opportunity to get some awesome arcade sticks for under $100! While supplies last, of course! Speaking of supply, we have very limited stock of the Mad Catz Arcade FightStick TE2 for Xbox One! If you don’t have one yet, then now is a good time to get the award winning TE2! It is by far the most mod friendly arcade stick on the market!


We will have some limited stock of older FightSticks available at EVO! Make sure you get them before they sell out! Additionally we are bringing back a very rare version of the Mad Catz scratch logo shirt, the black scratches on red! Available only at EVO!


As an added bonus for EVO 2014 attendees only! We’ll have a very cool and extremely limited exclusive Sanwa Denshi X Mad Catz pushbutton that will be free with purchase of any FightStick during the event! This limited edition button will be a collector’s item for sure!

One of the cool exclusives is from our partners at Sanwa Denshi! They’re bringing their new wooden balltop, which will be sold for the first time at the Mad Catz booth! Check it out below!

Aside from the wooden balltop, Sanwa will also be bringing the new version of their silent lever (JLF-TPRG-8AYT-SK), their new dust/shaft cover sets, clear button caps, clear OBSC-30 and OBSC-24 buttons in various colors and an entire range of silent buttons in both solid and clear assortments (OBSCS-30 and OBSFS-30)!

Another exclusive from our friends in Japan, YOUDEAL will be bringing the exclusive shirt designs inspired by both our very own Daigo ‘The Beast’ Umehara and fellow Japanese fighting game god, Haitani! These shirts will be available at the Mad Catz booth during EVO 2014!

Daigo_model_photo_3 Haitani_model_photo_3

These shirts will be extremely limited so make sure you get yours today at the Mad Catz booth during EVO! For all the exclusive items listed here, any leftovers from the show we’ll make available on our web store at a later date!


Thank you everyone for your continued support of fighting games and Mad Catz! We’re excited to see YOU at EVO 2014 either on our live broadcast or at the show! Make sure you follow us on twitter @MadCatz and use hashtag #MadCatzEVO to keep up with us all weekend!