Mad Catz Force Feedback Wheel at 24 hour Le Mans

Racing fans got an extra treat during the Le Mans 24 Hour race event in France. Mad Catz teamed up with Microsoft and Audi to feature racing sleds showcasing Forza 5 with our Force Feedback Racing Wheel for Xbox One.

The Village Tent area of Le Mans featured 6 racing chairs each equipped with the Mad Catz wheel. Over 265K attendees pushed through the tent area and waited in long lines to try out the wheel. In addition to the Village Tent area there was also 4 racing setups inside the Audi Race Arena and Audi Fan Area where those lucky enough to have a ticket or VIP access not only got the royal treatment but also the chance to play on the Wheels without the long lines.

Check out some of the photos!

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Audi Le Mans Legend Event – Beijing

Mad Catz was thrilled to have the Force Feedback Racing Wheel included in the Audi Le Mans Legend event which took place in Beijing, China. This special event was a mix of fashion and technology which is a winning combination that our wheels fit right into. Attendees were able to play Forza 5 on multiple setups of our Racing Wheels on massive projected screens during the event.

Check out some of the photos!

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