The atmosphere at Mad Catz has been electric since March 5! For a little over a month now, Mad Catz and our friends at Harmonix have been able to share with the world the incredible news that Rock Band is back and better than ever!

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Harmonix, the undisputed pioneers behind the music game genre are bringing the award-winning Rock Band to the new generation of game consoles, with Rock Band 4 expected to launch later this year on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Mad Catz will be right alongside, delivering a whole new range of wireless music game controllers; truly, it’s a match made in heaven and it’s gonna be EPIC!

As a hard-core Rock Band fan, I can honestly say this is shaping up to be one of the biggest games of the year, and music fans are just going to go nuts for what Harmonix is creating! Not only that, but I truly believe that we’ll be delivering the very best music game controllers you’ve ever played with. We’re working so hard to improve all the controllers in so many ways, we think you’ll notice the difference immediately and love what we deliver!

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Today, Mad Catz has another reason to celebrate. We’re proud to announce the extension of our agreement with Harmonix to co-publish Rock Band 4 on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In addition to being the exclusive hardware manufacturer for all the new music game controllers, we’ll also be working with Harmonix to co-publish the game – leading global sales, promotions and distribution.

Mad Catz have a deep appreciation for the amazing work by Harmonix and we can’t wait to play our part in delivering Rock Band to passionate gamers everywhere! Co-publishing the game allows us to work closer than ever before with Harmonix, delivering a seamless experience from game through hardware and ensuring that we focus on the needs of the gamer first and foremost!

We’re excited to be working closely with Harmonix and I can promise you that as soon as you see the game for yourselves, you’ll also be excited as we are now! Roll on E3!

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For more information on Rock Band 4, head over to www.rockband.com and follow RockBand on facebook and twitter or Mad Catz on facebook and twitter for updates. – See more at: http://madcatz.com/rock-band-is-back/

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