Hey everyone! MarkMan here and I just wanted to let everyone know about the recent SRK Tech Talk Awards for 2013! The awards are a community vote-led annual event, held by the Tech community on SRK, the largest fighting game community site in the world. Mad Catz’ Killer Instinct Arcade FightStick TE2 was just awarded ‘Arcade Stick of the Year’ and we are absolutely thrilled about it. Also! We’ve opened preorders again for our next batch of TE2 sticks, coming soon!

On behalf of the entire team at Mad Catz, we are humbled & appreciative that we were nominated by so many in the fighting and arcade stick community. The TE2 was really a labor of love that started back in 2011. We made the decision to wait and release it with the Xbox One & Killer Instinct. Working closely with Microsoft and Double Helix Games Studios helped pave the way for a perfect storm and successful launch of the Xbox One. Personally, I strongly feel that winning a community-voted award is the most important form of accolade or recognition that our product can receive. More important than any review or award from any other outlet.


I was afraid at first that since it was releasing so late in 2013 (on top of it being only available on a newly released console) that it would get overlooked for nominations & recognition. I was very happy to see that people did their research and/or got to experience the TE2 on their own. This is obviously not the last you’ll see of the TE2. We will be releasing it and showing off more of the features in the days, weeks and months to come. If you know us we don’t just make a product once then leave. We support it as long as we can with the community & competitor in mind.

For more information on the TE2, you can check out our previous blog posts linked below:

Also, I know people have been having trouble tracking down this product as we completely sold out of our initial shipment. Today we have great news! We’re expecting more in by the end of February for our online store and preorders for our North American customers are live NOW!

Again, thank you everyone and hope you’re having a great New Year so far!