Alex “The Big Boy” Verrey

Mad Catz and OnLive kicked off the road to E3 with a bang.  Some of you guys may not have heard of M.O.J.O. before and some of you may be a little unclear on what OnLive is about.  It’s okay not to know, but trust me, if you’re a gamer, if you value cool tech and amazing experiences and want to play smart for pennies, you’re gonna want to hear this.

Now you sure SHOULD know a little about M.O.J.O.!  It’s a star product in our ‘GameSmart’ range of mobile products and this very website is loaded with content and information.  M.O.J.O. is an outrageously powerful Micro-Console powered by Android and made by us right here at Mad Catz.  It’s a tiny box that plugs in to your TV and it’s so small, discrete and power efficient that you never need turn it off!  It’s an open platform system and that means you’re not forced to buy content from any one provider.  With M.O.J.O. you can play the latest games from Google Play or any digital store front of your choice, listen to music, email, surf, watch movies, you name it. Soon, you’ll even be able to do it all in 4K picture quality if you have a shiny new TV! Now, because it’s an open platform, M.O.J.O. has been designed from the ground up to grow, evolve and change to meet your entertainment demands.


OnLive is a state of the art cloud based gaming service.  What does this mean? Well, if you have M.O.J.O. and a pretty solid internet connection, you’re in for a treat.  Cloud gaming means that all the hard work of processing video game data is done elsewhere. Your M.O.J.O. is used to display a picture on to your TV, receive controller input and relay that back to the OnLive servers offsite, that’s it, nothing more!  OnLive has a state-of-the-art server farm which crunches the data offsite and by being offsite, it means your M.O.J.O. isn’t doing the heavy lifting, your game is being processed offsite by VERY powerful PC’s!  The clever tech at OnLive decodes the game action and then sends it back to M.O.J.O. which in turns throws the picture on your screen!  Amazing technology means that providing you have a fair internet connection, lag time is imperceptible, you really won’t believe your game is being processed offsite, it’s truly remarkable.


OnLive offer a couple of different services to gamers.  PlayPack allows instant access to a growing library of over 250 games, all playable via the cloud.  We’re talking about AAA blockbusters here from the likes of Codemasters, Deep Silver and Warner Bros., with more awesome titles being added all the time.  Think of it like your favorite movie subscription service, pay a few bucks per month and play whatever you like as much as you like and all the games have an instant save feature allowing you to pick up right from where you left off the next time you play!

OnLive’s new CloudLift service is also pretty unbelievable.  CloudLift allows you to play selected games you already own on PC and transfer them to the cloud.  Wish you could continue playing your favourite PC game on the big screen TV in the living room?  Well, now you can! CloudLift detects the games installed on your machine to provide streaming access from M.O.J.O., even your saves are automatically synced!

OnLive could mean that the days of needing to buy a big box full of expensive hardware will soon come to an end.  Why purchase the latest graphics cards and processors when OnLive is ALWAYS running games to the best specification and you can have an identical or better gaming experience by playing on M.O.J.O.?!

Recently, we not only announced that the OnLive app is now available for M.O.J.O. but also that by working with our OnLive buddies, the experience is now fully optimized for the C.T.R.L.R, the remarkable next-generation Bluetooth controller which comes in box with every M.O.J.O. sold. It means that whatever game you play with OnLive on M.O.J.O., it will control perfectly, with all the buttons mapped out perfectly to the controller, just like playing on a console.  Simple, easy, amazing.

It’s just ANOTHER great feature for M.O.J.O., the small, powerful open platform that is whatever you want it to be. A little back we announced that all the great games and apps for OUYA are coming soon to M.O.J.O., recently we announced that 4K compatibility is coming soon and today we find that cloud gaming is a reality on M.O.J.O. thanks to our friends at OnLive.  What next you ask?!  Well, that would be telling!…


To play is to believe, so if you really want to check out the future, why wait for E3?  You can buy a M.O.J.O. TODAY and be playing the future of gaming tomorrow!

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