A Dog for Daniel is a 24 hour Minecraft event that is happening this weekend. To many, it may seem like a Minecraft stream with a funny name but allow me to do my best to give some insight. A Dog for Daniel is a charity organized by PBJellyGames (Garrett Zimmer) to help get a companion service dog for six-year-old Daniel Iniguez, who suffers from neurofibromatosis (NF). Some of YouTube’s biggest Minecraft community members have come out in support by offering their time and services to the stream in attempts to help the Iniguez family reach their goal of $10,000. Mad Catz could not be more proud to sponsor this event.

The stream for this event goes from May 3 to 4 on Twitch.TV and features streamers such as choochoosgaming, iballisticsquid, EcKoSoldier and many more. The purpose of the group is not just to help raise money for a service dog but to bring attention to aggressive nature of neurofibromatosis which causes tumor growth within the nerves of the body. In Daniel’s case, the tumors have shown up in his brain leading to vision loss and more recently, an abdominal tumor was discovered.

Mad Catz will be sponsoring the event this weekend and providing give aways to random donors. If you would like to contribute, you can visit Daniel’s Companion Service Dog YouCaring fundraising page. All donations will be directly deposited into a bank account for the NF Family Foundation to fund buying a service dog to help Daniel.

Watch live video from Nffamilyfoundation on www.twitch.tv

For more information, follow @DogforDaniel on Twitter or visit the Daniel’s Companion Service Dog YouCaring page to donate.