Hello universe,

It's my first time posting here so please be gentle. Tokyo Game Show is next week and the lineup is going to be filthy with Daigo “The Beast” Umehara and Infiltration headlining a race to 10. It was supposed to be a race to 50, but such an epic battle might have released too much dark matter and nuclear energy and destroyed the universe as we know it. Of course we have a nice variety of other race to 5 All-Star matches including:

MCZ.WW Ryan Hart vs. Bon-chan: Mad Catz and Western Wolves' Ryan Hart has been on an absolute tear this last year, catapulting his Sagat into the echelon of world’s best. But of course to claim the throne he will have to pull a coup de tat against the Japanese Sagat King, Bon-chan, on the latter’s own turf. A difficult feat for sure. Those allergic to William Blake’s Tiger Shot Tiger Shot Burning bright, in the forest of the night mirror match need not fear as Ryan is sure to bring out his pocket counter characters. His sub-character range keeps expanding as witnessed in the epic character roulette battle with Sakonoko in Brazil’s Treta Aftermath tournament.

MCZ.DM Xian vs. Kazunoko: This is the ultimate runback from South East Asia Majors when Mad Catz and Desperation Move's Xian managed to secure his virgin victory against arch nemesis Kazunoko, a player who has struck fear in the reigning EVO world champ ever since Canada Cup. Expect Xian to come out with gun’s blazing as he is brimming with confidence after his sweep at Colombia’s tournament. South America’s burgeoning eSports scene is one to definitely look out for in the future.

MCZ Mago vs. RZR Fuudo: Don’t be a home rekka!

MCZ Tokido vs. EG Justin Wong: When’s Marvel? アルカプはいつですか? Two good friends square off one another and use the salt to garnish the shoyu ramen and chicken karaage!

MCZ Kayane vs. Kamizono (FT3) I’m praying Kayane wears the Pink TRITTON Kunai headset during the match since I’ve never actually seen one in person. Hypebeasts have a weakness for limited edition merchandise.

Be sure to catch all the action on the Mad Catz Unveiled stream on Friday, September 20, starting at 6:00PM JST! The stream will be broadcast by Niconico exclusively, but you can watch all the action right here on Mad Catz!