A long weekend in a surprisingly sunny Telford has brought Multiplay’s Insomnia49 event to a close. As usual, Mad Catz were in full force and partnered with Xtreme Gaming, we hosted a party, two tournaments, AND ran a retail booth within the exhibition area.

On the booth, we showcased a Splinter Cell Blacklist 4v4 special which proved immensely popular across the whole weekend. We also sported four top range PC laptops from our friends at Alienware and demoed the newly beta released Infinite Crisis from Warner Bros.

As headline sponsors of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament, we were also present in the main hall and attracted well over 2,000 spectators to watch the grand final streamed live on stage. Despite a few technical issues and network problems, the tournament prevailed and a nail-biting final between FM!Toxic and Reason-Gaming CS. With Reason Gaming making an immense comeback to win the second map, the third round was as close as it could have been with FM!Toxic leading most of the map by just one point up until the score stood at 15-14 and then one final point was enough to win the tournament for them and final score stood 2-1 to FM!TOXIC. Taking a prize pot of £3,750. Click here to view highlights of the match.

As well as targeting the PC gamers, Mad Catz were also headline sponsors for the 4th event running for the FIFA13 tournament streamed and managed by SweetpatchTV.

Hosting the first ever Grand Final of the FIFA Masters, the event saw the top eight finalists battle it out to crown a champion UK FIFA Masters and after a long and hard few hours, the prestigious honour went to Sean Allen, beating his opponent a massive 5-0. Click here for full tournament results.

In addition to the Masters Series and the casual tournaments, Sweetpatch also hosted the UK qualifier for the WGC 2013 final in China later this year. In a close final between the two ever-popular FIFA personalities, Ty Walton and Adam Winster, a hugely watchable match was fought with Ty finally beating his Team Dignitas colleague 2-0. Check out the stream here.

Mad Catz Party Night

Insomnia49 also played host to the UK Minecon Expo which in itself attracted over 10,000 visitors to the event over the 3 days and also made way for the Yogscast crew to make daily guest appearances and signings which proved to be the highlight of the show for many.

With a record footfall, Mad Catz hosted their two hour party slot on the Friday night streamed live via the Multiplay channel and hosted by the popular presenters Julia Hardy and Alan ‘Bricey’ Brice.

The party proved to be a very interactive event with volunteers being pulled up on stage to take part in a wealth of various games and the finalists all walking away with a Mad Catz prize – a very happy bunch indeed! Click here to see all the highlights!

We would also like to give a special thanks and mention to Asus, who provided us with monitors for the event. Check out their latest video below, and be sure to visit the Asus website for more information.

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