What’s up people! My name is Ryan Joseph Hart or ‘Prodigal Son’ as I am more commonly known. I was born in London, England and I’ve been playing video games as a hobby since I was 10.

I guess most of you know me for my success in the competitive scene. I have played a few different game genres over the years across multiple platforms, but with fighting titles for competition I would say my strongest series were: TekkenReal BoutVirtua FighterKing of Fighters, and Street Fighter. I’ve been entering a variety of tournaments since 1994 all around the globe.

I don’t have the exact number, but I’ve entered roughly around 700 competitions since my first tournament and have won over 450 up-to-date around the world. Of course, I had my fair share of losses and that’s all part of learning in my opinion.

Play for fun and if something follows from that then so be it; but I don’t think that should be the initial aim. Because true passion is a component that brands champions and that’s what will get you there – at least in my case anyway!

Name: Ryan Hart
Handle: Prodigal Son

Country: Croydon, England

  • 3- time Guinness World Record holder
Weapons of choice:
  • Official Street Fighter IV FightStick Custom Edition