Mad Catz have set out to create a gaming mouse specifically targeted towards the LAN event gamer – consumers who regularly travel to live tournaments where the very highest standards of competitive performance are tested.

Specifications, as you would expect, are bleeding edge, but more importantly, akin to removing superfluous weight and features from a sports car, R.A.T.TE is streamlined and nimble. The overall design directly focuses on the single purpose of improving performance within key PC e-Sports titles.

Rapid changes in direction require a low physical inertia, high sensitivity, and low lift-off height to accurately register. By employing a robust, translucent acrylic chassis – coupled with an overall reduction in excessive features – the TE succeeds in each of these areas.

A mere 90 grams of weight make the R.A.T.TE one of the lightest gaming mice currently available – the leader in its category.

R.A.T.TE is the first mouse to use a new generation of Philips Laser Doppler sensors.
The sensor is fully self-contained and its technology is capable of tracking maximum speeds of over 360km/h on nearly any surface at an accuracy of better than 0.1%.

Aside from the absolute resolution, boasting accurate navigation at up to (real) 8200 CPI, the sensor features independent resolution programming for X and Y axes, and acceleration of up to 50g.

Lift-off Height Adjustment
eSports professionals have the highest requirements for accuracy in their gaming mice. One aspect of design that can impact accuracy is ‘lift-off’ height – the distance from the surface at which the mouse stops registering movement. Adjustable lift-off height allows gamers to accurately configure their mouse’s sensor to their gaming surface.

The Reviews Are In
Dave Chaos, from Hardware Heaven, reviewed the R.A.T.TE  and said, ”Very impressed, can’t fault it at all” and “The software in particular was super simple to use.”  Check out Dave’s full review and unboxing now.