Today, Thursday March 5, 2015 is a day which will be long remembered by music fans and gamers alike! Harmonix announced this morning that Rock Band, the legendary music platform loved by millions worldwide is coming back, bigger and stronger than ever before!

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for Xbox One or PlayStation 4

Due for release later this year on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Rock Band 4 is going to BLOW YOU AWAY. A love-letter to fans of the franchise, Rock Band 4 is set to take music gaming to the next level! In addition to a killer on-disc soundtrack, Rock Band 4 will support vast numbers of tracks released since the 2007 launch of the original Rock Band. Harmonix is confident that day one, Rock Band 4 will deliver the most music, period!

Fans of the critically-acclaimed music platform know that music alone does not make the experience. Alongside the launch of the game, Mad Catz will have a full line-up of new music game controllers, ready and waiting to rock as hard as you do!

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Mad Catz will introduce a Rock Band 4 Band In A Box™ bundle, which includes a copy of the game, a new Wireless Fender™ Stratocaster™ Guitar Controller, a new Wireless Drum Kit and a Microphone! If you just want to rock out with a Guitar Controller, hey, we got you covered as we’ll have a Guitar Controller Bundle which includes a copy of the game and a Wireless Fender Stratocaster Guitar Controller.


Okay, if you’re not already freaking out, remain calm: if you’re visiting PAX East, Harmonix is running a very special promotion just for visitors to the show. To celebrate the announcement of Rock Band 4, Harmonix will offer a PAX East Wireless Stratocaster Guitar Controller featuring custom artwork of “Gabe” from the Penny Arcade web-comic! To get your hands on this extremely limited-edition collectible, you’ll need to pre-order on-site at the Harmonix booth.

Mad Catz has been working hard with Harmonix to make a suite of all-new music game controllers for rocking out with Rock Band 4, which we believe will prove to be the ultimate music platform for the new generation of consoles! We’re convinced that fans of the franchise will love the new controllers we’re cooking. We’ve turned everything up to 11 this time around! We’ve tweaked several features such as the tilt-sensor on the guitar controllers for extra accuracy and sensitivity. Mic response has been tuned, build-quality has been refined, but more about hardware later. Suffice it to say, we think you’ll all be very happy.

There’ll be lots more Rock Band 4 news as we head into E3 and beyond but right now, to find out more please register your interest by clicking the button below.

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UPDATED 03/09/2015 – Check out this handy FAQ put together from our friends at Harmonix. Please read here before asking any questions in the comments section below!

Q: When is RB4 coming out?!
A: Rock Band will be out this year. Stay tuned for more specifics in the coming months.

Q: What consoles is RB4 coming out for?
A: Rock Band 4 will be released for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Q: Why not Wii / Wii U / PC?
A: Due to shifting production priorities and capabilities of the studio, we don’t currently have plans to release RB4 on the Wii / Wii U / PC simultaneously with Xbox One and PS4. While we genuinely appreciate the support of Wii Rock band users over the years, and the increased interest from PC gamers, the truth is that we had to prioritize opportunities on other platforms with historically larger RB audiences.

Q: Will my old DLC work on the next gen console of the same type, i.e. PS3 -> PS4?
A: Yes! Content purchased from the store or exported from a disc will transfer over to the new generation of consoles at no addition cost as we make that content available.

Q: Will my old DLC work if I bought a different next gen console, i.e. Xbox 360 -> PS4?
A: Cross platform DLC compatibility is not entirely within our control, as DLC ownership is managed by the 1st parties.

Q: Will my old hardware work?
A: We’re already working closely with Mad Catz, Sony, and Microsoft on solutions for letting you use legacy hardware on new consoles. This is a challenge on both the software side and hardware side, but something we’d love to happen. We’ll have more information on this in the coming months.

Q: Will you be making new hardware?
A: Yes we will! You can preorder a new PAX East exclusive guitar if you come by the Harmonix booth! We’re working with Mad Catz, who has a lot of history with RB gear, and we’re excited to get more instruments back into the world.

Q: Will there be any new instruments, i.e. a tuba, accordion, mouth harp, etc?
A: We’re concentrating on the core band that people are most familiar with (guitar, bass, drums, and mic) rather than expanding on the types of playable instruments in RB4.

Q: What will the new Rock Band cost?
A: Sorry, but we’re not talking about pricing at this time.

Q: What instruments will be playable? Wiill RB4 have Pro guitar and keys?
A: Rock Band 4 will focus on the core experience and the roots of the franchise – guitar, bass, drums, and vocals. There will be no Pro Guitar or key support in Rock Band 4. We will continue to support “Pro” mode for Drums.

Q: What are the new features?
A: We’re not quite ready to reveal the evolutionary features of Rock Band 4, but we’re excited to show you in the coming months how we’re expanding the core gameplay you love.

Q: Will you be bringing back [Random Feature X]?
A: We’re not quite ready to reveal the feature set of Rock Band 4 yet, but keep posted for more info!

Q: Will you have songs by [Random Band X]?
A: We’re not talking about the disc soundtrack just yet, but you can bet it’ll be awesome. Over 2000 songs spanning over 500 artists already exist in Rock Band catalog and we’re committed to expanding that and supporting the game post-launch with DLC, and we’re always looking for new bands and sounds, so keep the suggestions coming! Let us know what you want at

Q: When will you have more news about RB4?
A: Soon! Keep posted to our social channels and the Harmonix forums for updates.

Q: When can I preorder RB4?
A: You can sign up for preorder notifications right now at!