Want to take your StarCraft II game to the next level? Now’s your chance to find out how from one of the best players of the game.

Mad Catz and Western WolvesDaniel “StarNaN” Ohlsson has recently created a new YouTube channel dedicated to the one game he loves the most: StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.

The content is slightly different from your average gaming enthusiast’s attempt of finding fortune and prestigious e-fame. The Swedish Protoss’ approach is to help players who are already quite familiar with the game improve their skill set.

There’s no tutorials reminding you how to build workers. This video and upcoming series of videos will focus on polishing already existing strategies, exposing some uncommon yet very effective builds, talking about essential factors that every high-level player should consider, metagame analysis, as well as several other crucial aspects needed for the transaction from mid-tier level to the higher leagues.

In this first video, entitled “PvT 1 Gate Expand Into Colossus and Storm,” StarNaN shows you the core elements required in order to execute the infamous build. StarNaN also expands further into assets that will not only help you with the comprehension of the tactic, but will also deepen your knowledge of strategic play itself.

StarNaN would love some feedback in order to improve the viewing-quality of the video content. Please leave some feedback in the comments, and be sure to subscribe to catch the latest episodes as soon as they drop!