The road to the League of Legends Championship Series passed through the beautiful Spanish island of Tenerife for Week 6.

After the setback of Creaton's injury and an overall unlucky run last week, Team ALTERNATE was focused on changing their luck and looked to increase and strengthen their position. This was not going to be easy since their first match on Thursday was against Ninjas in Pyjamas. NiP performed very well and it was a very hard game for Team ALTERNATE, as NiP knocked ALTERNATE down in a rough 11-1 victory.

After such a defeat, Team ALTERNATE had to get back to it on Friday against the Evil Geniuses. Throughout the match, the game stayed close with both sides losing nexus turrets. However, ALTERNATE's slightly better timing exposed EG's nexus and WhiteNight's almost heat-seeking Piercing Arrows mowed EG Raidcall down for the final count. Team ALTERNATE's victory here was their first of the week.

ALTERNATE was pretty confident for their next game against Lemondogs on Saturday, but their confidence quickly turned. From the start, Team ALTERNATE was very aggressive, but they lost some important teamfights and Lemondogs converted those mistakes to their favor to win the game.

With two losses in Tenerife, Team ALTERNATE now shares the top of the leaderboard with three other teams: Gambit Gaming, Fnatic, and Lemondogs. All four are tied for first with 10 wins and 8 losses.

Be sure to cheer on the boys from Team ALTERNATE as they head into Week 7, where they are scheduled to take on Meet Your Makers and Gambit BenQ.