After being defeated at the previous ESL Pro Series Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Finals, Team ALTERNATE has regrouped, enhanced their roster, and now it is time for the team to reconquer the throne at the ESL Pro Series Summer Season 2013 Finals!

Thanks to their amazing 10-1 performance, Team ALTERNATE's first place finish means they will be matched up against the 4th placed team of Playing Ducks. If ALTERNATE wins, they will play against the winner of Druckwelle vs. EnRo Griffins to determine the grand champion. If ALTERNATE loses, they will be matched up against the losing team of the other match to determine third place overall.

Although ALTERNATE has had to face a few changes in their lineup recently, this has not harmed their performance at all. The revamped team has already shown great play on their way to the finals, and are looking forward to seeing their supporters at the ESL TV Studio in Cologne, or following the action online!