This weekend sees the qualifying rounds of the first-EVER Mad Catz ULTIMATE Gamer Challenge.

We are searching for a PC player that can demonstrate skills in FOUR separate genres. This puts you all on a level playing field regardless of whether you’re a StarCraft genius, a FIFA whizz, a Shootmania pro or a true Trackmania fanatic. We are looking for someone that comes out top at all four games!

With points being awarded for each game individually, the top four players at the end of the weekend will qualify for the Semi-Finals at Multiplay’s Insomnia49 event the following weekend. The semis and the GRAND FINAL will be streamed live from the event and the last one standing will be our official first-EVER Ultimate Gamer and will be duly awarded for his/her efforts with a brand new Alienware 17 laptop.

However, that isn’t all… for anyone not brave enough to run the gauntlet themselves, we are also streaming the qualifiers live this weekend and have a host of guest casters, prizes, giveaways and entertainment in store purely for just tuning in, courtesy of our friends at Xtreme Gaming! Don’t miss it!

First qualifier starts at 10am on Saturday, 17 August and can be followed on Mad Catz TV. Grand Final will be broadcast from the Mad Catz party at Insomnia49 on Friday, August 23 from 7pm.