Day 3 of Tokyo Game Show 2012 was the first day open to the public. The Keiyo train line which serves both TGS and Tokyo Disneyland is famous for packing riders in like sashimi sardines and we were gasping for oxygen until we reached the venue. With hundreds of thousands of angry videogame barbarians banging at the gate, the event opened 30 minutes early to cater to the surging crowd.

School was in session at the Mad Catz Academy where preregistered students received free private lessons from Professors MAGO and TOKIDO. Capcom’s Street Fighter  producer, Ayano Tomoaki, graced the booth with his presence and had a chat with Daigo and Mago. We always knew the latter’s tongue was sharp from reading his 2DGod blog, but Daigo’s public-speaking skills were on full display as he regaled the crowd with his banter. The dynamic trio played rock-paper-scissors with the crowd for swag including Capcom and Mad Catz keychains, EVOLUTION 2012 shirts, and the exclusive EVOLUTION 2012 Arcade FightStick PRO. We’re quite confident that the two winners of the joysticks are the only ones in Japan with this rare gem, as not even Daigo owns it in his personal collection.

The Mad Catz booth hosted not only Street Fighter  legends but also reigning SOULCALIBUR V  world champion Shining Decopon, TEKKEN  grandmasters FRB AO, and NoRespect’s Yuu and Nobi. The crowd quickly swelled to critical mass and we could no longer see the players from our terrible seats in the back. Disheartened that we were pushed out of the Mad Catz rock concert, we ventured outside the venue and stumbled on some of the highest level cosplay we have ever seen.  It is miraculous that more cosplayers do not get seizures from the constant flash photography, but we would love to administer CPR to the befallen should the occasion arise.

The immaculate cosplay, limited edition trinkets, and exclusive previews make Tokyo Game Show one of the best game shows on the circuit. If you are riding on the Keiyo train line and are forced to make a decision between alighting at Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo Game Show, we suggest you ignore Mickey and Minnie because both will probably be at Tokyo Game Show anyway.

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