Even in the Land of the Rising Sun, the sun must inevitably set, and it is with a heavy heart that we close the curtain on Tokyo Game Show 2012. On Day 4, Team Mad Catz’ trio of Daigo, MAGO, and TOKIDO were flanked by the equally formidable TEKKEN  Force of FRB AO, and No Respect’s Yuu and Nobi for a full day of exhibition matches. In lieu of traditional booth babes, Mad Catz prides itself in displaying the highest echelon of player talent.

It is no wonder, then, that yesterday’s visit by Capcom’s Street Fighter  producer, Ayano Tomoaki, was mirrored today by a guest appearance of TEKKEN  Warlord Katsuhiro Harada. To see his own lovechild, TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2, played at the highest level must be a phenomenal experience. Alas, if only James Naismith could have lived to watch Michael Jordan play the game of basketball he invented.

If there is a general rule of thumb for TGS, it is to never pack a full suitcase on the way here. There are so many exclusive trinkets, tchotchkes, kitsch, and swag given out over the span of four days that it is difficult not to horde and double your luggage weight. If only the yen were not on steroids and pummeling the US dollar, we would have definitely shopped to our hearts’ content at the multitude of company gift shops. Dejected at the exchange rate, our temporary depression was lifted by a fortuitous reunion with our good friend from EVOLUTION 2012, Osamu Ichikawa. What a perfect way to end Tokyo Game Show, a must-attend event for all gamers. With a plethora of budget airlines flying to Tokyo, there is no longer any excuse to not cross TGS off your list. Consider yourselves properly warned: we promise to make next year’s booth a marvelous spectacle in itself.

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