Show me a gamer who regrets buying a gaming headset and I’ll show you a gamer that needs their hearing tested! A little known movie director by the name of Steven Spielberg once commented that sound equates to over 50% of the overall entertainment experience and so too is it the same in gaming.

With the awesome power of the PlayStation 4, it’s more than the graphics which have received a next gen coat of paint. Audio is clearer, cleaner and more dramatic than ever, pulling you in and immersing you like never before. Any professional player will tell you that accurate audio in a FPS for example is the difference between winning and losing.

When it comes to our audio brand TRITTON, you can trust that we KNOW sound and know what gamers need to elevate their performance. That’s why we started work on a range of PlayStation 4 gaming headsets long before the console even launched and that’s why today you can purchase no less than three TRITTON PlayStation 4 headsets, all retailing at under 100 bucks!

Let’s start with a brand new headset, just starting to ship. The PlayStation 4 TRITTON Kaiken offers an amazingly affordable way to pump up your audio enjoyment. Designed specifically to allow for crystal-clear chat to your buddies and teammates, the mono Kaiken headset is ideal for party-chat, planning strategy or simply good old fashioned trash- talk with your online buddies! It connects right to your DualShock 4 controller as well so it’s pretty much idiot proof!

Kaiken can be positioned on your left or right ear and features a fully ventilated earcup meaning that it lets your ear breath and remains comfortable for marathon Killzone sessions. It also features in-line controls so you can adjust volume and mute yourself should you need to. Wanna hear the best part? It retails for around $25. BOOM!

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If you’re felling flush and want to spend a few bucks more, then why not check out the TRITTON Kama? This bad boy is a full stereo headset featuring the great looks and even better sound TRITTON is famous for the world over. Built for multiplayer online play, the Kama is built for sustained gaming with the heavily padded earcups which swivel round to rest on your chest when you need to take a break.

The fully flexible mic means that you’re buddies will never miss a word and the in-line controls allow you to adjust chat and volume as well as mute yourself when needed. In fact, Game Informer magazine reviewed the Kama in their latest issue, calling it an “overachiever that delivers impressive sound and microphone quality” adding that you would be “hard pressed to find a better value” I couldn’t say it better myself!

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Want something bigger and badder but don’t want to break the bank? Step this way to the TRITTON Kunai. A step up in sound, Kunai offers staggering value for money. 40mm speakers provide pin sharp directional audio, bringing you closer to the action and with the Kunai, you can detach your high-quality microphone if you’re just enjoying the in-game audio. You can even use the Kunai with your smartphone or practically any audio source. Like all the TRITTON PlayStation 4 Headsets, the Kunai features in-line controls for on the fly adjustments and fully padded earcups which reduce ear fatigue during those late night gaming marathons!

So there we have it, quality doesn’t need to come at a high price! For less than a price of a game, you can enjoy countless hours of stunning sound and chat with a range of headsets made by the professionals in gaming audio.

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Hear the TRITTON difference and you’ll never go back! If you want to check out the range for yourself, check out the TRITTON section on the Mad Catz Store!