With a total of $250,000 on the line for both League of Legends and StarCraft II, players from all over the world are preparing themselves for the group stages of the Intel Extreme Masters. The main event will take place at CeBIT 2013, in Hannover, Germany, March 5-9.


WW.MCZ  Sting attends CeBIT

Mad Catz is proud to announce our supported StarCraft II player Ju “Sting” Hoon from Western Wolves will be traveling all the way from South Korea to Hannover, Germany, to participate in the group stages. The event has put up $100,000 as prize money for SC2. Sting will have to prove himself in Group C first, so let’s take a closer look at his opponents below:


Socke will be representing Team ALTERNATE in Group C. He’s mostly known for his huge amount of experience, as he was already playing StarCraft back in 2002 at the Korean WCG for Germany’s StarCraft: Brood War team. Some of his notable victories include a total of three first place finishes in the 2010-2011 ESL: Pro Series events, a lot of MLG qualifications and of course he’s mostly known for being the only player to have qualified for all three IEM World Championships so far.

Another Protoss player in Sting’s group is the Polish Gregorz “MaNa” Komincz, currently playing for Mousesports. He started dominating the professional StarCraft scene at a very young age and is one of the most highly decorated Europeans around. His biggest victory so far must obviously be his first place finish at the 2012 ESWC last November, good for about $20,000. Next to another second place finish at the 2011 world cups, MaNa is mostly known for his dominance at the DreamHack Open events. In last year’s second stop, he took gold and $14,240 during the DH Open: Summer tournament. A few months later he traveled to Romania to defend his title at the Bucharest event, but only managed to finish 3-4th place. Obviously this guy will be one of the biggest threats in Group C.

Up next is the Norwegian Zerg player Jens “Snute” Aasgaard, one of Team Liquid’s members. After some second place finishes in last year’s major tournaments, such as THOR Open / Acer SC Challenge / Campus Party Europe, he managed to throw the entire scene off guard and take home gold at the HomeStory Cup VI, good for $10,000 in cash. He’s probably one of the underdogs, but has shown great performance in the past and will definitely prove to be a worthy opponent!

The second Zerg player in Group C is no stranger to Sting, the one and only AZUBU Kim “viOLet” Dong Hwan. This South Korean is known and feared all over the world after absolutely dominating several premier and major tournaments throughout 2012. He took a silver medal last December at the IGN ProLeague Season 5, granting him around $20,000. Only a week after that, he got another second place finish at the NASL Season 4 finals, giving him another $15,000. An excellent way to end 2012, as he managed to finish first at the IEM Season VI – Sao Paulo event earlier in February. In May, he also finished first at the 2012 MLG Spring Arena 2.

And finally, we have the Spanish Juan “VortiX” Moreno Durán. This Zerg player will represent the Karont3 e-Sports Club, and has actually faced Sting quite recently at the IEM Season VII in Singapore. He’s mostly known for being LucifroN’s younger brother, but should definitely not be underestimated! The match that decided Sting’s first place finish in Singapore was a long-stretched best-of-five game with a final 3-2 finish in Sting’s favor. Let’s also not forget he managed to finish second at the 2012 WCS: European Finals, good for $9,000 and a seed into the main tournament. His THOR Open 2012 first place finish granted VortiX $15,325 and gave him the confidence and recognition he deserves.

As you can see, even the early stage of this main tournament will be a rough road for our (not-so-western) wolf. However, we are confident Sting has prepared well and trained hard. We’ll be there to provide him with all the necessary support he needs.

The schedule

Let’s continue by looking at a full schedule for the event:

5th of March from 9:30 CET
StarCraft II Group A & B

6th of March from 9:30 CET
StarCraft II Group C

7th of March from 9:30 CET
StarCraft II Group D

8th of March from 9:30 CET
StarCraft II Play-offs Day 1

9th of March from 9:10 CET
StarCraft II Play-offs Day 2

The Top 3 of each group will advance into the playoffs, while group winners will immediately be placed into the quarter-final.

MCZ Exhibition

We here at MadCatz.com are really excited to see the SC2 tournament kick off, and will be there to fully support Sting during his matches. We’re also exhibiting alongside XMG so everyone is welcome to come and check out a first peak into our mobile gaming range.

Good luck Sting, and we’re looking forward to seeing as many fans as possible at the exhibition area!