If you lived outside of Japan, then you probably missed out on Namco’s Wonder Momo: Typhoon Booster. Released in 1987, the arcade game featured a female protagonist, which was pretty rare at the time. Now, 27 years later, it comes to American shores for the first time and M.O.J.O. is the perfect platform to play it on. Developer WayForward Technologies has taken on the task of introducing the rest of the world to Momo, the young hero and her super powers. The platform they chose to do it on is Android.

Wonder Momo has always been an over-the-top side scroller and WayForward Technologies keeps that spirit intact with this beautiful remake. Momo still fights invading aliens to build up her Wonder Meter so she can turn into the even more powerful, Wonder Momo. This is when the game is most fun. As Wonder Momo, the player gains access to Wonder Hoop which can be thrown and bounced off enemies to combo attacks as well as the ability to blast waves of energy from her hands. If you’ve ever wanted to play a game where you can kick a tyrannosaurus Rex in the face, Wonder Momo has you covered.

M.O.J.O. and Momo are a perfect pairing. Wonder Momo: Typhoon Booster made and optimized for M.O.J.O. and it shows. Play the game in stunning high definition on your TV for the best experience. Wonder Momo can be played on the go as well. The game requires the use of a controller to play which makes the C.T.R.L.R Mobile Gamepad perfect for both scenarios. Execute precision timed jumps and attacks that just aren’t possible with touchscreen controls. One of the coolest updates WayForward Technologies added was the ability to play with two players at once! Simply sync up another C.T.R.L.R and get ready for some two player action.

Wonder Momo: Typhoon Booster is as fun a game as it is challenging. Don’t be fooled by the cartoon graphics because the later stages and boss fights in this game are brutal! This is a game everyone needs to check out. It’s a great glimpse of what’s possible with M.O.J.O. gaming.

Check out Wonder Momo: Typhoon Booster on the Google Play store right now!