Robert Brandl is one of the world's best Resident Evil 4 speedrunners and at Mad Catz Unveiled on August 20, 2013 he will try to set a new world record. Practice, talent, and his Mad Catz Pro Circuit Controller will help him in achieving this feat. But who is Robert “Sunblade” Brandl?

Born in Berlin, his work in the energy industry lead him across Germany to Aachen where he now lives with his girlfriend. In 2006 he took on professional gaming, getting into the world of speedrunning and becoming the clan leader of the Gaming-Elite Team, one of the most successful console clans on Nintendo platforms. For years he has been organizing the United LAN, where Nintendo pro gamers from all across Germany meet regularly.

Besides his well-known accomplishments in the Nintendo gaming scene, Robert built his reputation on other platforms as well, being a tough competitor in the German Fighting Game Community with Super Street Fighter IV. His professional breakthrough came in 2009 when he caught the attention of Olymptronica Events which took on his management.

Today he represents the German division of, the world's largest platform for professional speedrunning. He hosted speedrunning competitions at Gamefest in the Computer Game Museum in Berlin where Adam “AdamAK” Kuczinski set a Guinness World Record for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City with a time of 1:48:08.

Sunblade's specialty in speedrunning is the survival horror genre. Especially in Resident Evil 4 he is competing across all consoles with speedrunners from the Far East and the US. For variety he set a Guinness world record in Doom 3: Lost Mission in a widely viewed media event, where he completed the expansion in around 32 minutes.

Now he wants to get closer to the 90-minutes border in Resident Evil 4 on Xbox 360 after he already beat the 100-minute mark back in 2011 with a time of 01:37:35. In preparation, Robert achieved several world records in Resident Evil 4 for Wii which can all be viewed on his YouTube Channel.

He further worked on his skills during the “European Speedster Assembly” in Sweden and now he wants to prove that he is the speedrun master in Resident Evil 4 in Cologne.

The race against time begins at Mad Catz Unveiled in Cologne! Watch Robert live as he attempts to break the world record. Thanks to the products and the great team of Mad Catz, Robert is confident that he'll master this ordeal.

The event will be commentated by Dominik Hellfritzsch of the German gaming site who has already proven his knowledge and competence on many events in Munich, Frankfurt, and Berlin. We are eager to know what he can tell us about Robert's speedrun on the live stream.